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5 Tips for Attraction Marketing

Perhaps you have heard the buzz word about attraction marketing. If so, that is a good thing because it is the very foundation when it comes to being successful with any network marketing company in existence.

You see being successful has absolutely nothing to do with the company you represent or even the product or service that your company offers…….no, it has to do with YOU.  And that is where the word comes into play.  It has to do with value and what I mean by value is the value that you provide others.

Here Are Five Things To Remember When Talking To Your Prospects That Is Very Powerful:

Ask questions! This is just the beginning of adding network marketing reps to your business!

You want to be able to develop the act of listening because this is very powerful.  If you are asking questions of them, you are actually in control of the conversation.  Just remember that this is going to give you the end result of adding MLM reps.

Listening is the key to successful attraction marketing.  Listen to what people are telling you and provide solutions.  Even if you do not have the answer, assure your prospects that you will do everything possible to get the answer.  Personally I do not consider myself an expert.   I am just a normal person with a drive to both be successful and help others achieve success.  To me, that is nothing special but it certainly allows me to connect with others who are looking for answers.  If you do the same, I know that you will be successful.

Attraction Marketing = the act of building sound personal relationships

This will help you understand your prospect better so be prepared to ask them questions and then be able to answer those questions with a solution.  Listen to their answers carefully so you get to know your prospect.  This will help them think about what their real problem is and begin to build a meaningful relationship.  When I first started out, I was not really sure what to do, believe me.  I was just looking for people to guide me!  Those who were there to help me are the people that I chose to do business with.  It worked to not only my mentors benefit, but mine as well.   You see, it is all about the relationships that you create.  Find someone who is willing to guide you to success and as you are learning along the way, teach others what you have learned.  You will attract others and find yourself carrying out the essential act of Attraction Marketing!

  • Acknowledge Your Prospect

Acknowledge their situation. Do not brush over it; relate to their problem if that relates to you. Quickly share your story and they go back to asking them a question. This will make them feel that you are listening to them and that they matter.

  • Offer People A Perspective

You are working toward the goal of becoming a professional. Develop your leadership. Develop your authority as a leader and offer them a perspective, meaning this is where you are going to give them a choice to their problem. You do NOT want to jump right into offering them a sales product. Help them understand that it will take anywhere from 6-12 months to see results and that their success is not going to come overnight. Convey to them that what you are suggesting is what you would do. Offer them some specific choices.

Be realistic. Advise them that once they start part-time with their online business, it will give them some income but it will not give them a full-time income right away. Remind them it will take some due diligence, patience and certainly commitment on their part.

The end goal is for you to be able to become a leader and guide people. Be clear and direct about what you want them to do such as telling them that you expect them to do such as being on a webinar or a conference call. Those are all good signs of being a leader if you are trying to excel in this industry.

  • Continue To Invest In Yourself

When it comes right down to the nuts and the bolts of things, MLMeducation is at the heart of your success which is why I am advising you to reach out to people who can show you the necessary steps to creating your own incredible success story.  Once you start that process, you can start teaching what you learn along the way! Success is not hard if you know what you are doing!