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92% of Network Marketers are Guilty so Why Fight It?

You don’t want to touch any of the “Old-School” or “Traditional” methods of building a solid business because you’d rather sit behind your computer, yes?

FACT: Over 92% of the people in this industry are NOT online, nor do they have any desire to come online!

What this means for you and me is that we better get comfortable with some OFFLINE marketing methods if we’re going to build a long-term, stable business.

Knowing that 92% of your prospects are OFFLINE, you better stop ignoring what has the potential to make you afortune. If you learn some of the proven offline methods, which have created millionaires in our industry long before the advent of the internet, your income could skyrocket in 2011 and beyond.

Not to mention that if you can’t provide your team some basic PROVEN offline marketing strategies that they can turn around and apply TODAY, then those 92% will avoid you like the plague.

Remember, it’s not what you want; it’s what your prospect wants!  Forcing them to learn online marketing methods is going to be like grinding your teeth on shattered glass if they don’t want to play online!

This Wednesday, December 8th at 9 PM EST, you’re going to see how a millionaire in our industry BLENDS ONLINE AND OFFLINE APPROACHES to build his business, and it’s something you can start doing TODAY!

Register now and show up early. Last week our Wednesday webinar training sold out before we even hit the “record” button.

Wednesday, December 8th
9PM Eastern (5 GMT)
8PM Central
7PM Mountain
6PM Pacific

Tap into 92% of MILLIONS of people who are hungry for YOUR leadership.

I can’t even fathom what learning this stuff could mean for your business and your bank account. Hopefully you get on this Wednesday before it sells out.