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Javita Company Review

The Javita Company review is here and while it may be too early to tell how well it will succeed, the company is scheduled to make its debut on June 1, 2011. Once Javita is launched it will be available worldwide, reaching over 20 countries.

You may be familiar with one of their April 2011 campaigns that was titled “Reserve Your Cup.” The Javita review revolves around the company’s products which consist of premium coffee blend, cocoa as well as tea. The coffee blend is known as “Coffee Evolved,” and it is getting some positive recognition. Consisting of a proprietary of herbs, this coffee proudly boasts its natural ingredients that are organically grown and harvested in South America.

As far as the Javita review, the company fully intends on succeeding as a company but to also make others very successful themselves. Javita has come out and said that it is their intention to “Create 100,000 debt free households, 1000 six-figure income earners and 10 millionaires by the end of 2012.”

As far as the Javita comp plan is concerned, there’s a couple of ways that you can earn money. After you pay your $599 enrollment fee, you have the option of paying an additional $99.00. If you pay the additional $99.00, you will receive additional product in your first order. Both of the distributor kits include resources and marketing tools and Javita distributors can earn an impressive 30% commission on any retail sales they make. Their compensation plan also includes what is referred to as the “Fast Start Bonus.”

The more people that join the company through you, the more you earn. The thing you have to keep in mind is that no matter how good the company products are, you will only become really successful if you know how to attract others to you. What I mean is that a person cannot expect to become financially independent on a friends and family list used for this Javita company. At some point, that list runs dry. That is why knowing really how to market this or any other business is vital. If you know how to attract others to you, then you will likely be very successful.

If you plan on becoming an independent distributor and want to sponsor more Javita reps, you need to first start creating meaningful relationships with others by providing them great value that others can use.

One thing that keeps playing in my mind is something one of my first mentors used to say. He told me that people join people. People do not join businesses. So if you are serious about making money with this specific company or any other company, learn how to attract others to you by solving their problems and you will soon discover how to attract other people to your business naturally.