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Your Questions About MLM Marketing Leads | Network Marketing Leads

Josephine Monty answers:

Well, the good thing is that you don’t have to go back to school to to get an education about how to get more MLM marketing leads!   Better yet, it doesn’t matter if you are in New York City or New Zealand, for that matter! 

Here’s both the honest truth and the best answer anyone out there can give you.   The best (and most natural) way to really generate your own leads is to get the MLM marketing education that teaches you how to get more leads is to help others by providing solutions to others problems.

Success in MLM is not a result of all your family and friends that you have recruited.

………… Here Are Some Tips To Help You Get More MLM Marketing Leads!

  • Success happens through a series of strategies, techniques and the application of those things

  • Start out by getting the MLM education because when you open up to learning from others, good things just naturally start to happen

  • Surround yourself with others who are getting results is a great way for you to attract MLM Marketing Leads

  • Offer a Free Report that they can use to help them grow THEIR business! (You can use a report other than your own until you create your own… just make sure you have the approval to give away someone else’s report)  (Click where it says Free Report to see how I use this effective technique)

  • Attend Free MLM training that provides good content that you can learn, apply and then teach to others!

Now I know that may sound a little strange especially if you are new to the industry.  But here is the truth… you do not have to be an expert of any sort to be able to get MLM leads!

The key to your MLM success will be a result of the relationships that you build.  It is not about your product or service and how wonderful your company or others success within the same company.   Trust me, I know that for a fact and I learned the hard way.

For the longest time I thought that those who were making all of the money had the perfect company or product!  Wrong!   What I learned was that the people who were successful had one thing in common… they provided value to others.  They basically helped others “with no strings attached,” so to speak.   They offered free MLM training that taught others how to attract network marketing leads.

So if you would like to learn how you can attract others to you and your business, get the free training for MLM, all you have to do is Click Here to get instant access now.

You can get a lot of helpful information from the internet but also offline, as well.  You can have access to an endless list of free online MLM trainings each and every week.  These free trainings allow one to easily discover how to attract MLM marketing leads to any business!  plus more advanced options if you so choose.

For free ways to generate leads you can do article marketing, classified ads and attending networking events in your area.   Go to and look up some groups that interest you.   This is an organization that you can find in virtually any area, regardless of where you live.   And the best part about this organization is that most of the meetings are free to attend.

You may have to pay a small fee to become an actual member but it is well worth the cost because of the great exposure amongst a LOT of people.  I use this strategy and it works very, very well, I might add. 

Another way to find more MLM Marketing Leads can easily be accomplished with many of the social networking sites nowadays!  One site that I really like is MyNetworkingPro because anyone can get a free account and get a lot of exposure.  You can easily find hundreds of people who would like to network with you there.

Click Here for instant access to creating your own personalized account.  To maintain your free account with them, all you have to do is log into your account at least once a month.  If you are a serious marketer, that obviously will not be an issue.   You can also upgrade your account which will allow you to post more things such as videos, articles, and more.

I wish you the best in your quest for more MLM Marketing Leads!

MLM Marketing Leads

Lizzie asks…

What Is The Meaning Behind MLM Marketing Leads?

I need to ask some questions hope you guys can help me.

If someone says that they have MLMLeads, does it mean that they have names, a phone number, and an email of someone who represents a particular MLM company such as Amway, Nuskin, ShakLee etc??

Also, do you suggest buying leads?

Thank You.

Josephine Monty answers:

Hi there,

When someone says they have MLM leads, yes, it usually means that these people have names, phone numbers, and emails of people who are interested to find out information about any MLM opportunities.

To answer your question about purchasing leads, all I can tell you is that for some  people, it works.  For me personally, I have never bought leads.   Like I said, it works well for some but I have also talked with other top marketers who have had nothing good to say about buying leads because often what happens is that you are getting numbers that have been used over and over again.

Now if you can be assured that are not getting phone numbers that have been used many times over, then it could certainly prove worthy.  I prefer to attract others to me using other methods.  That is just a personal choice… certainly you have to decide if you want to take that route.  If money is tight, I would encourage to use many free methods that work very well.  Please read the entire post here as I will give you some tips on how to generate MLM Marketing Leads for free.

Rapport is very important!   Part of what will attract others to you is through the personal relationships that you develop with them.  One of the best ways to do this is to tell a story.  People love to hear stories and they love to hear stories through videos!

In your video you can tell a quick story about who you are because people want to get to know you!  You have to build a relationship first if you expect people to do business with you.  You do not have to be perfect when you create your videos either!  People want to see that you are just like them…. the more natural you seem, the better.

For access to video marketing training, Click Here and see how using videos leads to MLM Marketing Leads!

Good luck.

Carol asks…

Where can I get some leads for MLM?

I need to get some leads for Multi-Level Marketing. I have searched the web, but I cannot afford them.

Josephine Monty answers:

Hi Carol,

I love this question because I think it really emphasizes the point that I would like to emphasize.  There are many no cost strategies that you can use to get more MLM leads.

Here are a few of my favorites…

  • Articles!
  • Your Blog
  • Free Report that provides great value to your reader  (Click Here to see how I do this…)
  • Forums
  • Networking Events
  • Social Media Sites

As far as your articles are concerned, what you want to do to get people to go to your site is provide value and lots of it!   I love writing articles because all it requires of you is a short article.  Most article directories require you to provide information about a subject totaling at least 500 words.

What you do after you write an article is simply direct people back to your blog or your website.  It is easy to do and if you do not like to write, you can outsource your articles for very little money.  I encourage you to write your own content, though.

**Remember that the key is to provide value… in other words, provide solutions to people’s problems.  You could write an article on this post here about MLM training or anything else, for that matter.  Feel free to use my content… just make sure you put it into your own words and consider adding additional content to make it your own.  There is nothing wrong with getting ideas from others just make sure (as I said) to put it into your own words.

  • Blogs are great for getting MLM Marketing leads… offer a Free Report

  • Networking Events are great for meeting others

  • Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and MyNetworkingPro and many others are all great venues to attract MLM Marketing Leasds or network marketing leads for any business

  • Forums provide a great tool wherein you can find out what people are talking about and what people are in need of… great tip right there