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Your Questions About Network Marketing Training 3

Josephine Monty answers:

Most network marketing opportunities will provide you with a good to excellent support system. After all, if you do not make money, then neither do they.

Because network marketing involves the skills of networking and making sales, it is not a good field to go into if you are timid, shy or withdrawn.   Your sales will primarily be contingent upon two things; how well you attract others to you… it is not all about your product.

Success begins with building relationships and you have to be able to connect with others.  One of the ways that you can do that is to provide value by providing solutions to things that other marketers are looking to resolve.

Most current multi-level and network marketing companies that use distributors or consultants to advance the sale of their products, will provide you with a website that is company approved in addition to some kind of training; usually web based, but also mailed in hard copy form, involving a senior consultant (or upline), or in some instances even seminar-style courses.  However, I must say that many people (including myself!) have failed using that system. Like I said, it is all about the relationships that you create.  As one of my mentors said, “people join people.  They don’t join a business.”

Like any other business venture, prior to becoming involved in any kind of MLM or network marketing sales model, it would be a very good idea to do some research into a few companies at random.  By doing this research first, you will give yourself a solid foundation of information about not only the products they offer, but the compensation packages and what kind of training is available to new consultants.

But let me emphasize again here… it is NOT about the product or the service, even though you should believe in your product or service.  It is all about the relationships and the marketing.  I can tell you that I learned that the hard way.  I just quit trying so hard and started networking with others amongst other things and boy, what a difference that made.  I encourage you to do the same.  It really does work.