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Your Questions About Video Marketing Education 2

Josephine Monty answers:

Being that you are a video business, I do not need to tell you that video is an incredible way to attract others.  I was just on a  webinar training today about this! What I came away with the fact that really emphasized the fact that no matter what kind of business you are in, (video development business included!) you need to be able to connect with others… one way you can do that is through story telling.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you on the “fast track.”

  • Make a folder called “Stories.”
  • Create short videos 90 seconds- 3 minutes in length that tells others a story of HOW you got started… People love stories and they will be attracted because of that connection that they feel
  • If you have a lot of content, then create a series of short videos to ensure better retention
  • Use FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that you think your audience may have
  • Remember that compelling videos get MORE views so be creative!
  • Follow up with videos that keep your audience in touch with you… I use video because it is much more powerful than just a simple text.  Include it with a short video response and you will be amazed at how many people “come out of the woodwork!”  Studies have shown that people prefer video!

You said that you wanted to market education for learning and entertainment so I would suggest that you provide as much educational information about a specific topic as you can for each individual video that you create because the “secret sauce” is being able to solve your audience’s problems.

If you are able to master that, you will become a guaranteed success!  Help others and you will find success.  Just keep providing valuable content and you will be able to maintain your newly created relationships.  Remember that creating relationships is the answer to creating success.  It is not about your product or service.  It has everything to do with people and the relationships.