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Your Questions About Video Marketing

Josephine Monty answers:

There is absolutely no question about the power of video.  I can tell you that if done correctly… meaning you know really how to attract traffic with a compelling video and a follow up system, the sky is the limit.

Nowadays most of us are familiar with automation and the importance of having automated systems in a business.   Now, more than ever, a person needs to set them apart from the competition.  And to do that, one really needs to have a system that uses video as a way to build upon the relationships with ANY prospect.

Now there is a way for you to use video marketing as a way to connect with people but also as a way to follow up with people, all on automation.  I have to tell you that was the tool that set me over the edge.  I started getting great results when I started using that technique right there… No matter what business you are in, you could easily do the same thing.

Here is a great tip that has worked extremely well…

  • Attend at least one (preferably two) network marketing events every week.

  • Follow up with video marketing when you follow up with your prospects… all you need to do is send your prospects a quick “hello” in a video that basically says, “Hi, it was great meeting you and I hope that we can continue to network….”  Something to that effect is perfect because this is the first step that builds relationships that will lead to more sales…. the reason?  Simple, it’s all about relationships.

  • Typically it takes 5-12 contacts for people to purchase anything from you… marketing with video is the first step to getting there!
  • People buy goods/services from others from whom they trust!  Video production is the ideal way to start building trust with others that ultimately lead to many sales~ But again, the key here is to have a system that works for you!  When you have a system, all you have to do is plug people into your system… so in other words, all you have to do is create one message with an attached video and that one message will reach your entire list of prospects… trust me, when you have hundreds of thousands of people on your list, you will appreciate having a system work on your behalf!

I can honestly tell you that if you simply follow the bullet points (above) that I have just laid out for you, you will become very successful, regardless of what business you are in or what you are promoting.

My motto is this… Do not work harder!  Work smarter!  You can easily do it with a video system that does the majority of work for you.